Awareness Through Movement®

In-Person – Outer Sunset, SF
Sundays at 4:30 pm | $20
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fm&a — ZOOMDSCN6370
Tuesdays at Noon | $20
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Come expand your movement possibilities and shed self-imposed limitations.  Each class you will be guided through a sequence of movements designed to help you understand and improve how you embody your actions: from seeing to breathing to sitting to walking to getting up from the floor to standing on your head.  Moshe Feldenkrais created over 500 different lessons: a comprehensive catalog of human movement. Pain and excess tension can be an invitation to you use yourself differently.  You will be given time and space to attend to what you are doing and listen for simpler, more integrated, more pleasurable movements.  Anatomy will be used to help you clarify your image of your structure.  This class will help you recognize your habits of organization and discover new ways of being.

Looking to do ATMs at home?  I recommend the following free resources:

Simple Tilting of Your Pelvis with Head and Leg Variations from my class through fm&a.

Head Through the Gap from my class through fm&a.

Feldenkrais Access Lesson Library
Jodie Krantz’s YouTube Page
Nick Strauss-Klein of Twin Cities Feldenkrais
Lynette Reid at Kinesophics
Olena Nitefor at